CPL Press is the trading name of CPL Scientific Publishing Services Ltd, a UK-based life science publisher.

CPL Press has been involved with numerous European projects since the early 1990s. To view details of European projects, click on the following link:

CPL Press provides the following services:

  • Design and Publishing CPL Press has established a reputation as a publisher of high quality, technical and scientific works, including catalogues, brochures and directories as printed or electronic media.
  • Website Hosting and Design Our approach to web site design is to produce easy to use, easy to navigate, informative sites at reasonable cost suited to the application. For examples of some of our sites see: European Projects
  • The CPL Press Online Bookshop is a fully searchable, subject-driven portal offering books, CD-ROMs, videos and slide sets from major and specialist life science publishers worldwide.

Katy Hall or Jim Coombs
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CPL Press Online Bookshop
Jim Coombs

Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1635 817359
Email: info@cplpress.com

CPL Press Publishing and Website Development
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